Bulk SMS Services, Bulk SMS Gateways

Bulk SMS Features

SMS Consultech offer’s you Bulk SMS Services with some Features:-

  • SMS is very common and attractive means of communication.
  • The SMS solution is very fast to use and requires no training
  • The SMS solution has a very simple and immediate implementation
  • Fast delivery of text messages to all national networks
  • Online facility is available to create groups and contacts.
  • In SMS solution contacts can be very easy loaded and SMS for mass messaging will be imported.
  • Address will be extracted from text data and excel sheet by Excel PlugIn.
  • To maintain Bulk volume data, Excel worksheet can be use.
  • Acknowledgments can be downloaded as a CSV file
  • Full support for Custom Sender ID will be provided
  • In our drastically changed scenario, Developer APIs has an immense use.
  • SMS Scheduling can be utilized for various reasons (Sending SMS at a particular time)
  • Premium SMS or Business SMS is available for priority customers such as stockbrokers, commodities, etc.
  • Long SMS facility is available on request.
  • Excel plug-in can be use to SMS directly from Excel
  • There is no need to integrate and download any software.
  • Approvals are ready for various SMS campaigns.
  • International text messaging can be easily done.
  • Bulk Volume of data can be managed through free Excel Plug-In software.
  • Future SMS campaign can be planned.
  • 24×7 Customer Service is available.
  • Free online support from our Live Chat System.